All foam mattresses featuring cooling gel infusion technology. Superior comfort, truly cloud-like in softness while maintain proper support and spine alignment. Foam qualities are ideal for minimizing pressure points and absorbing impact from movements. Choose from Blue 100 Gentle Firm , Blue 300 Firm, or Blue 1000 Plush.

iComfort Blue 100 Gentle Firm

iComfort Blue 300 Firm

iComfort Blue Max 1000 Plush


This mattress collection features beds with traditional construction and the ever popular Gel Foam and Gel Memory Foam Hybrid offerings in all preferred comfort levels. With comfort and support at a great value, it's easy to see why this new mattress collection is a popular choice. These mattresses are commonly paired with Serta adjustable motion bases.

Adjustable Motion Bases

A true customized comfort experience allows you to adjust the position of your bed. Ideal for lounging while watching TV, reducing snoring and finding the perfect sleep position.Choose from the popular Serta Motion Essentials wireless base, the Motion Perfect lll or the top of the line Motion Custom II Base.

Motion Essentials Base

Motion Perfect III Base